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The Keefs can save Rock Music! (music review)

Remember the days when rock music actually sounded like, rock music? Nowadays, even some would consider Lady Gaga rock. So with that statement said, is “rock music” really dead? Well after listening to The Keefs “444” EP, (and a few their demo tracks) I would say, hell no! If you like the sounds of old-school punk/post-punk rock like The Ramones, The Clash, or Social Distortion and Descendents, then you will love The Keefs, a local Delaware-based band who’s been getting quite the media attention. The band is made up of Dave Janney on vocals and guitar, Dickie Duncan on guitar, Vince “Algy Suicide” Kilpatrick on bass, and “Two N” Kenn on drums.

Their EP is gritty, dirty and just full of rockin’ out excitement. Take the first track “The Let Down,” which sort of has an 80‘s glam rock feel to it and displays a nasty guitar that just screeches so tastefully in your ear. While the 2nd track “Lemonade,” breaks into an “all out rock fest” with an infectious guitar riff, a sing-a-long chorus and exploding drums that feels like atomic bombs are going off in your head, and come on, who doesn’t like that? The last track “Compromise,” starts out a bit slow but then quickly picks up into a fast, in-your-face guitar driven tune that could easily fit perfectly on any alternative-rock radio station.

Their demo recordings are just as good also. “Tell Me When It Hurts,” showcases the band’s aggressiveness, with big and powerful distorted guitars, growling vocals and so much bad-ass attitude that you’ll be banging your head uncontrollably while listening to this song. The demo “Address Song,” grooves heavily with a bouncy bass line and a 60‘s post-garage rock vibe, that brings such bands like The Strokes, The Hive and Jet to mind.  Let’s not forget the song “Luv Drug,” which is one catchy and highly energized rock tune, I can see all the punk kids moshing out to this one live. Their cover of The Replacements “Bastards of the Young,” doesn’t fall short either, the band puts their own edgy spin on it while still holding up to the original.

Being a relatively new band on the scene, these guys aren’t a bunch of new musicians that just stepped out of the basement either, the musicianship in this band is top-notch. You can also tell they actually took the time to perfectly hone their craft. What I like about The Keefs is their obvious skill of combining a raw-rock feel with catchy melodies. If this EP and demos tracks are what to expect in the band’s future recordings, then I think they will undoubtedly have no problems attracting new die-hard followers. Their style is what use to be good about rock music and that is always a welcome change from the manufactured sounds of some of today’s mainstream music.

For more info on the band, check out their website at: http://www.thekeefs.com, or on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheKeefs


The Keefs will also be one of the many acts performing for Wilmo Rock Circus, a ten band indoor festival taking place on Saturday Nov 26th on the Wilmington Riverfront in Wilmington, De. All starts at 7pm and is presented by Gable Music Ventures. More info at: http://www.wilmorockcircus.com

Limited tickets for the festival are available for $10. Purchase them online at: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/205536

Reviewed by Brene Wilson
  1. 11/14/2011 at 9:47 PM

    I’ve seen them a few times and I just keep looping the EP! Great band, refreshing sound, just what Rock Needs!

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